Frilled Shark


Rare sighting in Japan



Frilled Shark

Sharks have always captivated the minds of humans. They have instilled fear upon us for generations, they have become the stars of feature films, and they are also pretty high up on the list of feared animals. Sharks, and all of the images that accompany them, make up for one terrifying and gruesome creature. Is that really so, well it’s all up to you to decide, because a simple internet website can’t change your mind. Or can it?

First off, sharks have been around for millions of years. One of which is the Frilled Shark of the order Hexanchiformes, and of the family Chlamydoselachidae. However, the frilled shark differs much from that of the other hexanchiform sharks, that it was decided to give the species its own order: Chlamydoselachiformes. On rare occasions this animal is seen, however it is oftentimes caught unsuspectingly in the trawlers nets of Japanese waters. They are often captured for their food, and used in fertilizers.

Sights of these prehistoric fish are extremely rare; this is due to the fact they dwell thousands of feet below the sea. Well, that’s no problem to us commoners, we can simply take a trip to the local zoo and watch these amazing creatures in action. Well, not quite, I didn’t mention that they were extremely rare for my health. The fact of the matter is that these fish have never been kept in captivity. In spite of the fact that we are doomed to sit in wonder, about much of the fish’s still undiscovered characteristics and behavioral patters, we as humans can appreciate the fact that this animal is indeed “ pre - historic” It lies in the lustrous depths of the sea, under a blanket of shear awe.

This shark, has swam past our undetected eye, and deemed itself an insoluble mystery. It is so hard to observe, so intricate, the very core of which lies in the fact that humanity was and is still not meant for the deep waters. What’s more, they are widely unknown, possibly tying into the mystery of “sea Serpent “sightings. Because, while rare, these creatures occasionally come to the surface. Isn’t it odd, also that these supposed sea serpent sightings are indeed rare themselves? Curious, very curious indeed, but alas I shall speak none the more of it.

Frilled Shark

When these creatures do however, make their rare appearances above the surface it is usually an indicator of sickness, and their general ill being. Which brings me to another sad point, frill sharks are in the red zone, which by the way has nothing to do with football, but rather on their future status. They are highly endangered, and well, it won’t be long before these living fossils really do become fossils, if you catch my drift. Before that happens it may be wise to learn what little we can about them, and thus I leave you with prospect of shedding a little light on this mysterious deep sea creature, the Frill Shark.

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